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Taking on Serious Spring Home Cleaning in Sturgeon Bay, WI

April 10th, 2018 · No Comments

Spring cleaning is known for being the “home purging” cycle that keeps many Sturgeon Bay, WI households in order come spring. Many homeowners, however, have trouble really accomplishing that perfect spring cleaning montage that they see in their heads. Rather than throwing out bags and bags of unused items, it’s more common to do a little vacuuming, open the windows, and call it a day. How do you make your spring cleaning more effective? Part of the secret to spring cleaning success relies on professional cleaning experts like those with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services.

Spring home cleaning often fails to be effective because homeowners forget to do major home cleaning throughout the rest of the year. In an ideal situation, you should be doing regular home cleaning every week and deep home cleaning with professional cleaners as needed. Assuming you haven’t kept to a schedule, spring cleaning may feel like a rush of “catch up” cleaning. This can lead to trying to do all of your home cleaning at once and then running out of steam before you’re even close to finished.

If you want your spring cleaning to be as effective as possible, don’t overload yourself! Sure, movie montages make a day of extreme cleaning look like fun, but the reality of home cleaning is much more intensive. Instead of assigning a single day to your deep home cleaning, plan on a week. That way you can clean a couple of rooms a day without burning out and you’ll have time to schedule professional cleaning assistance.

Scheduling professional cleaning services in preparation for spring cleaning is a great way to ensure that it all gets done and gets done right. You can still do a lot of the heavy lifting on your own, such as sorting old clothes and tossing worn belongings, but leaving the complicated processes such as deep carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning to a professional cleaning service is the perfect way to attack a mess from all sides.

If you’re preparing for spring home cleaning at your Sturgeon Bay, WI residence and you’re interested in professional cleaning services, contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services today at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here for more information.

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