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How Pack Out Services Can Help Send Fire Damage Packing in Sturgeon Bay, WI

November 21st, 2017 · No Comments

Following a fire in your Sturgeon Bay, WI, business, your decor, merchandise, and workspace could all be suffering from residual (or worsening) damage. During the disaster restoration process, the pack out team with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services want you to know that removing your inventory and stowing it safely away could be the difference between picking up where you left off and starting from scratch.

Fire disaster restoration is difficult because fire does more than just burn. Burning, of course, is less than ideal when your business is involved, but fire also leaves a lot of smoke, ash, and other messes behind. Regardless of what your business offers, these byproducts can stain, discolor, and permanently cause unusual odors on everything in range. All of these issues can also become worse even after the actual flame has been doused. Discoloration can set in, soot can begin to stain, and the smell can dig deeper and deeper into any porous fibers. For these reasons and more, contacting a pack out service quickly is in your best interest.

Pack out services move everything away from the disaster restoration scene and into a safe storage area. This is necessary to prevent additional damage and allows the disaster restoration team to work effectively in the space. Pack out services are careful, fast, and often necessary to keep your items and work materials safe during a fire recovery.

Once the disaster restoration team has done its part and gotten your business back in order, the pack out service eases you back into work without gaps in productivity. We can move your stores, workspaces, and merchandise back into place exactly as they were before disaster struck. This means that business can get back on track without having to track down your materials in a mad scramble.

If your Sturgeon Bay, WI, business has suffered from a fire and you require disaster restoration services, contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (920) 336-7411 and request our pack out team today or visit our website here for information.

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