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Preparing for Your Water Damage Consultation in Oconto, WI.

April 26th, 2016 · No Comments

Water damage repair isn’t always a oneway street from flood to fixed. The road to water restoration can be winding and filled with unexpected setbacks, and any homeowner in Oconto, WI who is just trying to get their home life back on track may find the process frustrating and tedious. When you suffer from a water event it’s difficult not to feel impatient, but when it comes to water damage repair, taking it slow is often in your better interest. Some of those twists in the road may be the difference between a fixed problem or a recurring one. The experts at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services can help you find your way down the road to restoration, but before you get started, you should prepare yourself for what to expect during the process.

Before making an appointment with water damage repair experts, start thinking about whether you’ll be interested in restoring or purging. Restoring means having your original belongings fixed, while purging means throwing out and starting fresh. It may seem cheaper and faster to throw everything out, but this isn’t always the case. Restoring your belongings can often be less expensive than repurchasing everything that was damaged, plus, it will allow you to keep personally significant items. If you’re willing to allow the time, water restoration specialists can help your house feel like home again.

And speaking of time, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for a slow paced, deliberate water damage repair process. For water damage to be effectively and permanently dealt with, it must be completely eradicated from your home. It isn’t as simple as leaving your windows open for a few days to air everything out. There are also elements of decontamination, deep cleaning, and potentially structural repairs as well. Any dampness, debris, or mold spores that remain can cause long terms problems for your home and potentially the health of you and your loved ones.

If the damage was significant, start thinking about places you’d like to stay while the work is going on. Even if it won’t speed up the water damage repair process, being mentally prepared for a long repair experience can help you feel in control.

Finally, be prepared to trust your water damage repair expert. Even if the walls and carpets feel dry to the touch, that doesn’t mean that the insulation or floorboards aren’t still at risk for mold and degradation. Trusting that your water damage repair experts are doing what’s best for you and the interest of your home can help you cope with the disaster and allows the experts to do their job as effectively as possible. Residents of Oconto, WI who have experienced home water damage can call ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at 920.336.7411, or visit our website here. The road to water restoration is waiting for you.


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