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Keep More of Your Green with Upholstery Cleaning in Green Bay, WI

May 30th, 2014 · No Comments

ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services provides upholstery cleaning in Green Bay, WI and surrounding areas

Professional cleaners, such as ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services (SSRS) of Green Bay, Wisconsin, clean upholstery, furnishings, drapes, and more, in addition to carpets and floors. Aside from being dedicated and reliable professionals with the best tools and solutions for getting the cleaning job done right, we focus on keeping more money in our client’s pockets! For upholstery cleaning services in Green Bay, WI, there’s no better choice than to contact ServiceMaster SSRS!

Upholstery cleaning is another part of maintaining your investments. Instead of discarding furniture that has become dirty and stained, see how close to like-new it can become by having it professionally cleaned. After all, an average quality sofa with good hardwood framing costs at least $1,200. A really nice one can easily be upwards of $2,000. That’s a lot of money to throw away on a whim!

Don’t dump it until you’ve called for the advice of a professional cleaner able to assess the damage and make recommendations. Their advice could save you a bundle, especially if disposing of the couch or sofa also involves replacing matching chairs or ottomans because they won’t match the new sofa! A good cleaning could save you more than $10,000 total in replacement costs.

Even if furnishings have fire damage or water damage, it is possible to bring them back to like-new condition. There are great treatment options available for a wide selection of fabrics.

Before dirt and soil become entrenched beyond escape in the upholstery of your couches, chairs and drapes, follow a cleaning schedule that will prevent it from getting damaged to the point of no return. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum upholstery just as often as you vacuum your carpets. Then, per the American Furniture Manufacturer Association, give your upholstery a deeper clean every 18-24 months.

Whether attempting to salvage a piece of upholstered furniture that has seen far better days, or making maintaining furniture a priority, ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services is able to assist you. When you want the best in upholstery cleaning in Green Bay, WI, call the experts at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at 920-336-7411.

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