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Odder Odors in Your Sturgeon Bay, WI Home and How to Professionally-Freshen Them Away

June 13th, 2018 · No Comments

Smells can in many ways make or break your daily Sturgeon Bay, WI home experience. Just the way the aroma of nutmeg and allspice can signify the holiday season, damp, smoky, or otherwise unsavory odors can also signify a distinct feeling of discomfort and unease. Living in a home that smells wrong is a great way to slowly go nuts trying to re-establish a scent that suits you. The deodorizing specialists with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services understand that after a disaster in your home, restoring a pleasant or neutral scent makes a major difference in your quality of life.  Plus, it can help you finally leave your personal home disaster behind.

Deodorizing comes into play in many different home disaster situations. Whether you’ve experienced major flooding, a fire, or rampant mold, there’s often a smell that comes along with it. Regardless whether the smell is strong or subtle, it can become a thorn in any homeowner’s side simply by constant exposure. And, unfortunately, thanks to the multi-layered structure of modern homes, once a scent seeps in it really tends to hold on for dear life.

Some aspects of deodorizing, such as simply introducing additional airflow, can help mitigate some of the worst of an ongoing odor. A big fan and a few open windows can work wonders in the world of odor removal. Truly effective, lasting odor removal requires bringing in the heavy guns. Professional odor removal experts will identify the source of the smell, remove affected materials, and clean the site in question until no odorous residue remains.

If your Sturgeon Bay, WI home has experienced ongoing odor issues after a home disaster, contact the odor removal professionals at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services to inquire about our deodorizing services. Please give us a call at (920) 336-7411 or visit our website today for more information.

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A New World of Carpet Cleaning: Discovering Green Cleaners in Oconto, WI

June 4th, 2018 · No Comments

Environmental innovation is becoming increasingly important in pretty much every industry across the globe, and that includes professional cleaning services like those offered here at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services. As green cleaning becomes more mainstream, so does the opportunity to transition to a fully green cleaning life. For residents of Oconto, WI, that transition can begin today with our professional green cleaners.


Green cleaning techniques can be applied to most areas of home cleaning, but one of the most complex areas, carpet cleaning, has begun to benefit from green cleaners as well. Carpet cleaning is touchy because, unlike other home surfaces, carpeting retains dirt, dampness, scents, and other forms of filth better than any other material. Whatever you put into or onto your carpet can influence the entire feel of a room. Because of this, strong smelling chemicals can ruin the aesthetic of carpeted rooms in your home for extended periods of time.


What sets green cleaning apart from other types of carpet cleaning is that it’s comprised of low impact materials. This means low allergens, gentle solutions, and overall environmentally conscious components. This is great for carpets that are delicately colored or otherwise sensitive to cleaning solutions. Green cleaners are less likely to strip colors away or degrade fibers thanks to their natural makeup.


Green cleaners aren’t just environmentally friendly – they’re also human friendly. For your home this means green cleaning can be the light-touch you need to get your carpets clean without irritation or harsh smells. Green cleaning is pet friendly, nose friendly, and lung friendly as well.


If you’ve been looking for a new, modern approach to your carpet cleaning woes in Oconto, WI, you’re likely ready for a green cleaning solution. Contact the expert green cleaners at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services to inquire about our green cleaning offers at (920) 336-7411 or visit our website today.

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The Most Common Fire Damage Hazards in America and How to Avoid Them in Your Kewaunee, WI Home

June 4th, 2018 · No Comments

Common household fire risk factors are surprisingly effective at lulling homeowners into a false sense of security. Most people think that fires are rare enough that you can get a little sloppy with your cooking or a little loose with your Kewaunee, WI home upkeep without fire suddenly breaking out. However, one false move and a little bad luck can turn into a major fire disaster in no time flat. Rather than banking on chance, the fire damage restoration experts with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services urge vigilant prevention above all else. Spend a little time familiarizing yourself with common forms of fire damage hazards so you can take all the steps possible to avoid them.

Cooking fires, heating errors, and malfunctioning appliances are three of the most common causes of fire damage in the USA. That doesn’t mean the country is full of bad chefs, poor heating implements, and shoddy appliances. These are the biggest risk factors largely because they occur so frequently in American homes. Because each risk is associated with a normal, everyday task, it can be easy to become neglectful of safe practices. If you’re interested in keeping your home fire damage free, be sure to always pay attention when working with anything that produces or channels heat, even if it’s something you do every day.

Even though it seems like common sense, there’s a reason why cooking fires are the most common household causes of fire damage in the USA. The problem isn’t bad cooking so much as it’s about paying proper attention in the kitchen. This is true for every type of common fire damage. If cords are frayed, be sure to replace them. If a containable fire starts, smother it. And if you see anything risky with your appliances, deal with it immediately.

Preventing fire damage at home is sometimes as simple as slowing down and performing your daily tasks deliberately. Don’t rush your cooking, pay attention when you set up your space heater, and be sure that an appliance is working as intended before settling in front of the TV. It can be easy to think of modern technology as fairly self-sufficient, but a single hiccup can lead to a spark, and a single spark can become a fire disaster.

If your Kewaunee, WI home has been impacted by a common (or uncommon) fire disaster and you’re looking for fire damage restoration assistance, contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services immediately at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here to find out more!

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The Hidden Life of Water Damage in Your Sturgeon Bay, WI Home

May 24th, 2018 · No Comments

Water is, in many ways, the foundation of life. This is great if you’re just trying to stay healthy with 8 glasses a day, but for your Sturgeon Bay, WI home, it’s not quite so beneficial. Water damage is a home disaster that comes with layers. It can ruin your belongings and create a haven in your home for foreign invaders such as mold, bugs, and bacteria. The water damage restoration offered by ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services does more than simply dry out some damp carpet. We’ll help you reclaim your home from every after-effect that water damage invites.

One of the most talked about side effects of serious water damage is mold. What harm does mold really do? Sure, it can be dangerous if you get a ton of it, but what’s wrong with a few spores? Well, other than a pretty significant gross-out factor, mold is also a living organism. Homeowners who are dealing with mold after water damage aren’t just dealing with something unsightly; they’re dealing with a life form that’s subsisting off their home. By leaving water damage untreated, you’re basically leaving a tasty, damp buffet for molds to feast upon, and mold likely won’t be the only one to stop in.

If left unattended, water damage continues to create breeding grounds for other organisms as well as bugs. A damp environment is the perfect location for all sorts of creepy-crawlies to set up shop. A wide variety of insects prefer damp environments for breeding and egg-laying, which is definitely not the sort of party you want going on in your walls. By utilizing water damage restoration services, you also remove the food source and environmental comfort these bugs rely upon.

And finally, water damage also brings with it the perfect means for spreading bacteria. In small water damage events this may not be as much of a threat, but for large scale flooding and water-based disasters, water damage restoration becomes all the more vital for the good of public health. Bacteria and disease can spread through water in the right conditions, so preventing those conditions is ideal for everyone involved.

If you Sturgeon Bay, WI home has been impacted by water damage and you’re interested in water damage restoration services, contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (920) 336-741 or visit our website here. Sharing your home with visitors should be a consensual agreement, not an involuntary invasion! To help you keep the pests out, give us a call today for more information.

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Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes that New Homeowners Make in Green Bay, WI

May 9th, 2018 · No Comments

There’ll be a point in most adults’ lives where they’ll have to learn how to take care of carpets. This may be at their Green Bay, WI place of business or home, but no matter where it is, there are some common mistakes they can fall prey to. If you’re trying to save yourself time and a lot of grief, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with major carpet cleaning mistakes before you resolve to buy six gallons of bleach and hope for the best. Remember, however, there’s not a single magical trick that makes carpet cleaning simple unless you leave it to the professional carpet cleaners at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services.

The most common mistake homeowners make is taking the phrase “all purpose” too seriously. Not only is it best to use specific cleaners based upon the surface you’re cleaning, but you’ll likely want to tailor your carpet cleaning to the exact type of stain you’re contending with as well. Treating every stain the same might be convenient, but it can also lead to set in stains that are much tougher to take on for a second time.

Similarly, leaping out with the heavy guns blazing probably isn’t the best approach either. Just because a cleaner is powerful doesn’t mean it’s right for your carpet cleaning needs. Using the strongest cleaners first may seem like the speediest method, but it’s also the fastest way to end up with badly damaged carpet. Professional carpet cleaners sometimes rely on strong chemicals, but they’re applied with a very delicate touch.

So, let’s say that after some googling and window shopping you manage to find a cleaner that works for your carpet cleaning routine. Great! It’s important to remember, however, that depending upon the type of cleaner you chose, there may be additional steps after application. Applying the wrong cleaner is one thing, but not performing the proper after-care in carpet cleaning can lead to strange discoloration and textures in the carpet fibers.

If you’d like your carpet cleaning done as effectively as possible, relying on professional carpet cleaners is still the safest option. The professional carpet cleaners with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services will evaluate your carpets, specific stains, and potential problem areas and discuss with you exactly what your carpeting requires. Professional carpet cleaning can even increase your carpet’s lifespan. For more information about our Green Bay, WI area services, call us today at (920) 336-7411 or visit our website here to find out more!

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Upholstery Care Basics for Kewaunee, WI Residents New to Home Cleaning

May 8th, 2018 · No Comments

Upholstery cleaning is one of those skills that, after a certain point in your life, you’re just supposed to have magically mastered. After you move out on your own in Kewaunee, WI there’s a societal expectation that you’ll suddenly know how to do everything and do it all reasonably well, even though that expectation isn’t entirely realistic. The good news for those who didn’t regularly have family meetings about upholstery cleaning throughout their adolescence is that upholstery care experts like those with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services possess specialized upholstery cleaning knowledge. With their professional assistance, even the least seasoned cleaner can fill in the gaps that undoubtedly plague their cleanliness lexicon.


Ideally, basic cleaning skills are passed down from parents to children, but for specialized cleaning processes such as upholstery cleaning, there’s a good chance that most people were never explicitly taught the best ways to go about it. A person new to upholstery care may turn to harsh cleaners, heavy soaps, and in drastic cases, bleach. The bad news about upholstery cleaning is that depending on the upholstery, a single cleaning mistake can leave a mark on the fabric for good. For most upholstery stains and messes, a gentle touch is the best approach.


If you have upholstery that is looking a little worse for the wear, start by vacuuming it. Vacuuming can suck up dust, crumbs, hair, and pollen, and in some instances may be all the regular upholstery cleaning that you need. A little regular vacuuming can brighten up curtains and furniture and can help prevent musty smells and allergen build up. If you’re new to upholstery care, this is a great and simple way to start the cleaning process.


In the event that you’re dealing with an actual stain, things can get a little more complicated. Sure, you can spot clean with gentle cleaners and hope to get the mess out, but if you apply too much or too little effort you could either allow the stain to set or discolor the spot you’re working on. When it comes to upholstery care, relying on the experts to roll out the big guns is almost always the safest option.


If your upholstery cleaning needs extend beyond a little routine maintenance, turn to the upholstery cleaning experts with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services. Part of learning how to clean as an adult is following the lead of professionals and picking up new skills as you go. By relying on the upholstery care experts to show you the ropes you’ll have a better grasp on how to attack the next problem when it arises.


If you’re in the Kewaunee, WI area and need professional upholstery cleaning assistance, or would like tips on basic upholstery care, contact us at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services today for more information at (920) 336-7411 or visit our website here.

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Damp Carpets in Your Oconto, WI Business and How to Fight Back with Professional Carpet Cleaning

May 1st, 2018 · No Comments

Winter is nearly over in Oconto, WI, which means a season of rain and high humidity is right on the horizon. For many, the upcoming soggy season may mean dealing with damp, smelly carpets and other fabrics in their businesses. Rather than resigning yourself to a life of damp and musty smells in the workplace, get professional carpet cleaning  from the experts ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services. We can clean, refresh, and revive your commercial carpeting and keep it looking and smelling like new year-round.


Carpets tend to gather smells thanks to the absorbent nature of their porous fibers. During dry times of the year this doesn’t matter too much because you won’t notice anything unless you get really close and personal with those fibers. Humidity and moisture, however, generally tend to bring out every single little smell that’s been gathering in your carpets all year. This is because the moisture that comes in contact with your carpet dissipates into the air and consequently, into your nose. Without regularly scheduled professional carpet cleaning, those damp smells may just get worse and worse over time.


Since you can’t prevent water from evaporating, and you can’t tell the weather to knock it off, you may as well stick with a carpet cleaning method that works. As long as you regularly work carpet cleaning into your business’ schedule, your carpets won’t have enough particulates left to generate a noticeable scent, damp or dry. Professional carpet cleaners can keep the smell at bay simply by making sure your carpets are as clean as they can be year-round.


If you’re an Oconto, WI business owner who’s frustrated with the damp smells in your place of work, contact the professional carpet cleaners at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services and put carpet cleaning at the top of your to-do list. Call us today at (920) 336-7411 or visit us here for additional information.

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Taking on Serious Spring Home Cleaning in Sturgeon Bay, WI

April 10th, 2018 · No Comments

Spring cleaning is known for being the “home purging” cycle that keeps many Sturgeon Bay, WI households in order come spring. Many homeowners, however, have trouble really accomplishing that perfect spring cleaning montage that they see in their heads. Rather than throwing out bags and bags of unused items, it’s more common to do a little vacuuming, open the windows, and call it a day. How do you make your spring cleaning more effective? Part of the secret to spring cleaning success relies on professional cleaning experts like those with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services.

Spring home cleaning often fails to be effective because homeowners forget to do major home cleaning throughout the rest of the year. In an ideal situation, you should be doing regular home cleaning every week and deep home cleaning with professional cleaners as needed. Assuming you haven’t kept to a schedule, spring cleaning may feel like a rush of “catch up” cleaning. This can lead to trying to do all of your home cleaning at once and then running out of steam before you’re even close to finished.

If you want your spring cleaning to be as effective as possible, don’t overload yourself! Sure, movie montages make a day of extreme cleaning look like fun, but the reality of home cleaning is much more intensive. Instead of assigning a single day to your deep home cleaning, plan on a week. That way you can clean a couple of rooms a day without burning out and you’ll have time to schedule professional cleaning assistance.

Scheduling professional cleaning services in preparation for spring cleaning is a great way to ensure that it all gets done and gets done right. You can still do a lot of the heavy lifting on your own, such as sorting old clothes and tossing worn belongings, but leaving the complicated processes such as deep carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning to a professional cleaning service is the perfect way to attack a mess from all sides.

If you’re preparing for spring home cleaning at your Sturgeon Bay, WI residence and you’re interested in professional cleaning services, contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services today at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here for more information.

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Mitigating Kitchen Fire Damage in Your Oconto, WI Home

April 3rd, 2018 · No Comments

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or someone who only cooks when there’s company coming, you probably know at least the basics of kitchen fire safety. Don’t let kids cook without supervision, don’t take a nap with pizza in the oven, and never try to put out a grease fire with water. These are all excellent first steps to kitchen safety, but if you want to keep your Oconto, WI kitchen singe-free for good, the fire mitigation specialists with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services encourage you to incorporate a few more key steps into your fire damage prevention encyclopedia.

Sure, you may know how to react if something in your frying pan catches fire, but what about a fire in the oven? Oven fires can be dangerous because many people have a natural inclination to open the oven and see just how bad the fire damage is. When it comes to kitchen fire mitigation though, your best option is to keep the oven door shut and call the fire department. Opening the door allows the fire to gain oxygen, which gives it a chance to spread. Ovens are designed to contain a significant amount of heat, so let it do its job containing and call for assistance.

Patience plays a big part in kitchen fire mitigation as a lot of mistakes that lead to fire damage tend to happen when you get hasty. This is especially true when it comes to deep frying. Deep frying may not seem like a major fire damage risk, but the high temperature of the oil plus a risk of splashing makes it ripe for mistakes. Always make sure your food is completely thawed before deep-frying and keep loose cloths or flammable surfaces away from the cooking area.

Finally, no matter what you’re cooking in your kitchen, always keep fire mitigation tools near the kitchen and know how to use them. A fire extinguisher may be what stands between you and needing complete fire damage restoration in your home. If you live in an apartment building always know where the closest extinguisher is or even buy your own. When it comes to fire mitigation you can never be too ready.

If your Oconto, WI kitchen has been impacted by fire damage, or you’re interested in learning more about fire mitigation techniques, call ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services today at (920) 336-7411 or visit our website here for additional information.

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Prevention and Reconstruction After Fire Damage in Your Green Bay, WI Business

March 30th, 2018 · No Comments

After a fire in your Green Bay, WI business, you’ll probably be asking yourself a lot of “what ifs” about fire damage prevention and reconstruction. What if you’d had a plan in place? What if your employees had known where to find the fire extinguisher? What if reconstruction takes so long that you have to shut down for months?

All of these questions are reasonable because serious fire damage can truly make or break a business, no matter how big or small. The fire damage reconstruction specialists with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services encourage all business owners to focus more effort on fire prevention and mitigation. If you learn proper and effective preventive measures, the aftermath of a fire will go from devastating to manageable.

Most people probably remember making fire plans in school when they were kids, but it’s just as vital as an adult. If you have clients or employees with rotating schedules who may not be as familiar with your building’s safety policies, it’s especially vital. Start your fire damage prevention initiative by making a plan that fits your business, building, employees, and clients. It may feel silly, but it could be the key that ensures everyone gets out safely. Practice it, post signage, and do refreshers regularly.

Part of your fire damage prevention plan should involve basic methods of containment and the operation of fire damage prevention tools. Conducting regular smoke detector tests is important, but add how to use an extinguisher and what to do if a fire starts in the break room microwave as well. Tailor the tools and techniques to your space as much as you can, and make sure everyone who frequents your business knows these tools are available and ready to prevent fire damage.

Finally, as a business owner, ensure you’re doing regular risk assessments. Fire damage risks should be identified and dealt with long before they actually ignite. Overwhelmed outlets, frayed cables, questionable paper build up, and clogged ventilation are all potential risks that are very easy to mitigate. You may even want to consider adding fire damage risk prevention to your monthly business reviews.

And finally, know who to contact after fire damage has occurred to get the best reconstruction and recovery assistance possible. The reconstruction process is vital for your Green Bay, WI business because proper reconstruction means less revenue loss and quick returns to stable productivity.

If you’ve been impacted by fire damage or need reconstruction assistance, contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services today for more information at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here.

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