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Storm Damage and Recovery for Your Small Kewaunee, WI, Business

August 11th, 2017 · No Comments

The transition from summer to fall in Kewaunee, WI, can be a time of unpredictable weather events. Sometimes temperatures can drop 30 degrees overnight leading to sudden freezes and bitter mornings, while a day later the afternoon may consist of oppressive humidity and steamy sunshine. This doesn’t just make it hard to plan your wardrobe, it can also lead to unexpected storm damage to your small business. Luckily, the storm damage cleanup experts at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services have the skills necessary to get a full reconstruction underway immediately.

For any small business owner, even a relatively minor amount of structural damage to your location can lead to revenue loss. Though longtime customers will likely look past minor damage after a storm, bringing in new clientele becomes difficult without having the whole place in total working order. This can be true even if the damage was something as simple as a branch through a single window. Without effective storm damage cleanup services, that branch could disrupt an entire day of work.

Damage to your roof could make the building susceptible to further losses; storm damage to the walls or foundation could make the entire location uninhabitable, and in the event that the products of the storm (hail, snow, rain, etc.) make it inside, your products and tools of the trade could be at risk as well. Reconstruction can mean a complete rebuilding of a damaged location, but it can also cover areas in between as well.

Storm damage cleanup isn’t just collecting stray leaves that were blown through your door. Storm damage reconstruction can include major assistance such as external structural repairs and full internal reconstruction as well as minor assistance such as repairing ruined windows or aesthetic damage. Thanks to the wide range of services offered underneath the storm damage cleanup umbrella, your business won’t be out of commission for long.

If your Kewaunee, WI, area small business has sustained damage after a storm, contact the storm damage cleanup experts at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services for information on reconstruction services and consultations. We can be reached at (920) 336-7411 or by visiting our website here today.

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When Fire Damage Goes Beyond the Flames in Green Bay, WI

August 10th, 2017 · No Comments

Any Green Bay, WI, homeowner who has been impacted by fire damage knows very well that the fire damage repair process is a journey laden with many steps. In most cases of moderate to severe fire damage, putting out the flames is only step one. ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services is here to help you understand the fire damage repair process and to offer their services to get your fire damage recovery on track.

The byproducts of a fire are serious business. Obviously, the fire in itself is a destructive force, but what it leaves behind can be just as bad. For example, the most well-known consequence of fire damage is smoke damage. Fire damage may have scorched your couch, but the smoke damage has now discolored it further, added a memorable scent, and given it the power to stain anything it touches. As far as superpowers go, not that great. It gets everywhere and loves to linger, and unfortunately, smoke is also only one byproduct of many.

Even if your home wasn’t overwhelmed by smoke, there’s also a good chance that water, powder, or foam from the extinguishing process has impacted your personal effects as well. Though vital to the firefighting process, having your personal belongings soaked and coated represents a less-than-ideal homecoming. The good news is that fire damage repair services include this type of damage in their repair efforts, and the better news is that restoration services are available for damaged furniture as well.

Finally, as if to add insult to injury, there’s always a chance that your floor and carpet will be stained by the coming and going of fire fighters or fire damage mitigation experts. Soot, dirt, water, and grease are all components of a home fire that may find their way into your carpet and without quick attention, can set in for the long run.

Though these byproducts are tertiary to the actual impact of a fire, fire damage repair services like those offered by ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services take these damages into account and are ready to assist in your recovery every step of the way. Green Bay, WI, residents can contact the fire damage professionals with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (920) 336-7411 or visit our website here for information.

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Water Damage Meets Moldy Carpets in Sturgeon Bay, WI

August 2nd, 2017 · No Comments

For some Sturgeon Bay, WI homeowners, carpet is often a “get it and forget it” component of your home living. You hopefully vacuum it and wash it semi-regularly, but on a day-to-day basis you probably don’t give it a second thought. But an ignored carpet can sometimes become a troublesome carpet, especially if water damage is involved. The water removal experts at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services encourage all homeowners to take a second look at your carpet every once in a while, just to make sure that you haven’t sprung a leak.

Carpet is in many ways just a big sponge on the floor of your home. Most of the time, this is a major plus because it helps retain heat and provide comfort to chilly toes, but as soon as water enters the equation, things change for the worse. Those cozy fibers also love to retain moisture, which you’ve probably encountered if you or a loved one has ever dropped a soda in the living room. And what’s worse, a water problem can be masked by carpet in a way that hardwood floors could never accomplish. Plus, water removal becomes much more complicated as soon as porous materials are involved.

Once water has made contact with your carpet with or without your knowledge, more problems are just on the horizon. For instance, carpet mold is a very common result of regular water damage in your home. And of course, just like with any type of mold, that means you’ll be dealing with a lot of additional issues as well. Some of the lighter side effects include a musty, wet smell, carpet discoloration, or an unpleasant texture. The more serious side effects can be mold that impacts your health or your pets’ health.

So how do you tell if your carpet is experiencing unexpected water damage? Obviously, if you regularly step in a wet spot on your carpet then you could be dealing with a serious issue. A single spill at lunch won’t necessarily be your doom, but recurring, lingering exposure to moisture is a recipe for carpet disaster. If water is leaking up from beneath your home or running down the walls under the carpet, catching it sooner than later is your best bet for effective water damage repair.

If you think your carpet may have suffered from water damage or is at risk for future water damage, contact the water removal specialists with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services. Sturgeon Bay, WI, residents can call us at (920) 336-7411 or visit our website here for more information.

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Healthy Cleaning for a Wider Population in Oconto, WI.

July 26th, 2017 · No Comments

It’s surprisingly common to encounter family and friends who are at risk of harm from harsh home cleaners. Some such groups include children, the elderly, and people with allergies and asthma. With the advent of the internet and access to information in this modern age, it’s much easier to compare and contrast cleaners and formulas while cleaning your Oconto, WI home. This is good news in just about every way, except that all of that information can be overwhelming for someone trying to transition to green cleaners for the first time. The healthy cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services want you to feel comfortable selecting cleaners that you and your family can benefit from the most.

Green cleaners are a healthier, safer option for your daily cleaning routines. They can help prevent some of the side effects that harsh chemical-based products can cause such as throat pain, watering eyes, wheezing, and dizziness. Aside from what these toxic formulas do to folks with preexisting conditions, they can also have devastating effects on otherwise healthy people. Bleach is probably the most notable cleaner with harsh side effects as it can burn skin, and the noxious fumes are extremely toxic.

Green cleaners make a difference because they rely on simple, familiar ingredients that aren’t naturally irritating to the human body. Not only are they environmentally conscious, they’re also much mellower for people who are susceptible to strong smells and powerful chemicals. Healthy cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of a mess; it’s also about making sure the environment is safe and comfortable for all who live in it.

If you have someone in your Oconto, WI household who’s sensitive or allergic to cleaning agents, contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services for information on how to acquire and utilize the safest and most gentle green cleaners. Our experts on healthy, green cleaning can be reached at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here today.

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Proper Summer Carpet Care in Kewaunee, WI

July 18th, 2017 · No Comments

School is out, temperatures are up, and autumn is still several months away for residents of Kewaunee, WI. For many Wisconsin families, this means that trips are underway and outside activities are at their peak. This is good news in just about every way…except in regard to your carpet care. The need for regular carpet cleaning often ramps up in the summer months thanks to the addition of lake visits, outdoor romps, and summer rainfall. The downside that comes with these fresh activities is, of course, fresh messes as well. The professional carpet cleaning experts with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services recommend that you be on the look out for these signs of summertime messes on your carpets before they decide to settle in for all seasons to come.

One of the most common carpet disasters in the summer usually has something to do with your feet. Whether you were working in the garden and ran back inside to grab your forgotten phone or ducked inside during a surprise summer shower, dirt tends to find its way inside on the bottoms of your soles. Once inside, only a little bit of moisture can turn that dusty mess into a sloppy one, and mud is one substance that just loves to linger. Mud stains often require professional carpet cleaning because of how quickly they set in and how often they can occur. If you see a mud spot, clean it up quickly and as thoroughly as you can.

Grass stains are another major sign of summer that has a lot of staying power. While grass stains are fairly harmless on clothes, it doesn’t take much friction to transfer that green right onto your shag. A major downside of carpet care is that you can’t just tear a bit up and toss it into a machine with some bleach. Grass stains can also be a pain because even if you deal with the green, sometimes you’re still left with a hazy yellow residue, especially if the victimized carpet was light in color. Along with this, it’s easy to overcompensate and drain the color out of the carpet fibers if you choose the wrong cleaner. This is why grass stains are best left to a professional carpet cleaning crew if they’re especially severe.

The carpet care experts at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services understand that in the summer, your time for cleaning often runs short. If your summer schedule is preventing you from practicing effective carpet care in your Kewaunee, WI home, contact our professional carpet cleaning team at (920) 336-7411 or visit our website here for information.

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The Importance of Assessing Stains with Upholstery Cleaners in Sturgeon Bay, WI.

July 13th, 2017 · No Comments

Even on darker materials, a stain on your furniture can be a distracting and hard-to-tackle addition to your otherwise pristine furnishings. Whether your Sturgeon Bay, WI  home upholstery is white, brown, or gray, a fluorescent pink blotch is not a good look. What’s more, not all stains are created equal. Some may respond to quick blotting with warm water, but more often than not, employing the services of professional upholstery cleaners, such as ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services, may be the only sure-thing solution for that pesky new pigment.

Unlike their subtler counterparts, bright stains are particularly hard to conceal with a tasteful throw pillow or knit blanket. In a single unfortunate flick of the wrist, your favorite armchair could be adorned with a garish rose wine stain, and putting it there is much easier than taking it off. Unless you’re a professional chemist, figuring out the perfect home-made formula to clean the stain, while maintaining the original color of your upholstery, is no easy task.

Some homeowners swear by vinegar and warm water for furniture cleaning, while others insist upon lemon juice and a very thorough vacuuming. Bleach has always been a popular way to deal with stains, but its harsh nature can damage the fibers in your upholstery, or worse, drain the color out of the surrounding fabric. Sometimes your formula will turn out perfectly and the stain is lifted instantly, while other times, you just end up with a bright pink stain that simply smells like vinegar.

This is why professional upholstery cleaners are trained in assessing which type of cleaner best suits each stain. Instead of playing mad scientist with your upholstery, rely upon the professional upholstery cleaners at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services to keep your Sturgeon Bay, WI furniture looking (and smelling) stain and vinegar free. Call us today at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here for more information and furniture cleaning tips.

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Water Damage Repair After the Storm in Green Bay, WI

June 26th, 2017 · No Comments

A storm in Green Bay, WI doesn’t have to include high winds, hail, or severe lightning in order for it to be damaging. The ‘magic’ of water damage is that even a simple rainstorm, a short one at that, can be enough to negatively impact your home in minutes. The water damage repair experts at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services understand that water damage can happen when you least expect it, regardless of whether or not you take all the right steps before the rain falls.

Even if you’ve lived in your home for 25 years with no trouble, you could still be one good rain away from damage. Rain has the singular talent of being capable of immediate or delayed water damage with only a few minutes of actual rainfall. During the shower itself it can seep into any defects or long standing inefficiencies in your home and cause irreversible problems very quickly, or it can pool and collect somewhere that will certainly cause trouble down the line.

Some immediate forms of water damage can include wood-swelling, flooding, indoor humidity, and damage to personal items, while longer term water damage can involve mold, discoloration, degrading materials, or even property erosion. And yes, any of these can be set in motion following a single rainfall. This is why water damage repair is most effective when contacted early after any form of damage is detected.

Water damage repair professionals are able to investigate and mitigate immediate water damage before it can evolve in a long term problem. Water damage comes in all shapes and sizes, and with the rainy season upon us in Green Bay, WI, it can be difficult to be fully prepared for them all. Instead, let ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services be prepared for you. Contact our water damage repair specialists today at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here.

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Mold Remediation in Oconto, WI, and Why it Matters

June 21st, 2017 · No Comments

It’s probably fair to assume that most adults growing up in Oconto, WI have encountered mold at least once during their adult life. Whether it’s it the fridge or the basement, mold is a fairly ordinary part of owning a home. What separates those bits of fuzz on your oranges from the potentially dangerous spots in your cellar? It may be best to let the mold remediation experts with ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services investigate on your behalf…for your convenience, as well as your safety.

In nature, mold is actually a pretty handy type of organism, and yes, it’s alive. Mold has the ability to break down substances into different types of nutrients, not only to feed itself, but also to feed its surroundings. In the autumn, for instance, one of mold’s jobs is to decompose the leaves that fall to the ground and turn them into fertilizer for the soil. When mold finds its way into your home, you get all of the decomposition with none of the added benefits.

As you probably already know, mold’s favorite haunts include anywhere that stays damp for a long time. For some households this can lead to a need for mold remediation in the attic, basement, bathrooms, or pretty much anywhere that has a tendency towards excessive humidity. To make things worse, do-it-yourself mold removal is often an uphill battle due to mold’s reproduction methods. Specifically, mold reproduces quickly by releasing spores into the air, and these spores adhere to new, damp spots. Even if you scrub and scrub, there could still be little spores just waiting to touch down.

What’s most important to understand about mold removal is that those little spores aren’t like the harmless dust particles that you kick up while cleaning. Mold spores can cause illness, exacerbate existing conditions, or even be fatal under the right circumstances. Because of this, mold removal and complete mold remediation should always be handled by a professional.

If your Oconto, WI home has been effected by mold, please contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here for information on our mold remediation services and speedy mold removal options. If you’ve spotted mold in your home, don’t hesitate – call today!

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Identifying a Need for Biohazard Cleanup After a Disaster in Sturgeon, Bay WI

June 7th, 2017 · No Comments

When it comes to understanding what happens after a natural disaster, debris cleanup is fairly straightforward. There’s bits of stuff on the ground and you want it gone. Easy. What’s the difference between debris cleanup and biohazard cleanup? That’s a little more complicated, especially if a disaster has just happened near your Sturgeon Bay, WI, home and you’re disoriented and overwhelmed. ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services wants you to know how to identify a biohazard quickly and efficiently, and to understand why you need to leave them to the professionals. It may just save your life.

Debris can be classified as anything from scattered roof tiles to a shattered tree trunk, which means that debris cleanup after a disaster is often a very physical task that carries inherent risks along with it. Debris can be jagged or stacked, and tackling any type of post-disaster cleanup without the proper tools can result in injury. Debris, however, doesn’t necessarily pose a risk based solely on proximity. This is one of the key differences between basic debris and potential biohazards.

For most people, they’ve probably heard the word biohazard in relation to hospitals.  Biohazards are materials that, when exposed in the right conditions, can cause illness in humans or animals. Blood, vomit, and other bodily materials are classified as biohazards as they can contain pathogens or viruses that can pass easily from one host to another. Plus, biohazard cleanup can also include mitigating chemical spills and containing sewage and other toxic materials. Following a disaster, biohazard cleanup becomes very necessary, very quickly.

Biohazard cleanup is vital for disaster restoration because, unlike most types of debris, mishandling a biohazard can be fatal. If you’ve been effected by a disaster and encounter any of the materials listed above, avoid them until proper help has arrived.

For questions about debris cleanup and biohazard cleanup in the Sturgeon Bay, WI, area, or if you have a service request, contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (920) 336-7411, or visit our website here.

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Your Kewaunee, WI Home vs. Soot Removal

May 24th, 2017 · No Comments

The fire is out in your Kewaunee, WI, home and you’ve already taken all the right steps to start your fire recovery. You’ve stopped it from spreading with the help of the fire department, contacted your insurance agent, gotten in touch with the fire damage experts at ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services, and gathered together all of the information and paperwork you’ll possibly need. It’s over…so why on earth do you still have to worry about soot removal?

Depending upon the extent of the fire damage, soot removal can be a simple affair or an ongoing struggle against constantly spreading sediment. Soot may not burn your house to the ground, but leaving it untreated in even the tiniest amounts can turn into a real pain in the rear…or the lungs. Constantly breathing in smoke particulates is the easiest way to cause throat irritation, or trigger asthma and allergies. And aside from being irritating to humans, animals and small pets with delicate lungs can be negatively impacted as well. Because of this, speedy soot removal can prevent your pets from developing breathing problems and other health issues.

One of the worst characteristics of soot, in general, is that the soot you see may not be all the soot there is. Because of the aerodynamic nature of these particulates, soot may be on your floor and flat surfaces, but may also adhere to ceilings, walls, and vents as well. This is one of the reasons that fire damage recovery is a multi-step process. Once a fire has affected your home, properly clearing the air and surfaces of soot can feel like an uphill battle. Fortunately, it isn’t a battle you have to fight alone.

Kewaunee, WI, residents who have been impacted by fire damage and are seeking soot removal services can contact ServiceMaster Specialty Restoration Services at (920) 336-7411 or visit their website here. Soot isn’t just an annoying byproduct of fire damage, it’s just another stage in the fire process. Fight back today.

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